Responsible Gaming

JeetWin is a fair organization. We care about our players’ mental health. We understand that in hard cases gambling nowadays can bring addiction. This may be a real problem If nothing is done to prevent this or help an addicted person deal with it. JeetWin wants its gamblers to receive only positive emotions from playing here. That is why we promote the Responsible Gaming Policy in our Company. We ask every user of JeetWin to treat the game responsibly and make reasonable bets.

We strongly advise contacting our Customer Support if you detect the first signs of an uncontrollable addiction to gambling.

Responsible Gaming at JeetWin BD

How to be a responsible gambler?

First and foremost, a responsible person remembers that gambling was designed for entertainment and fun. It can’t be treated as a source of income. Such treatment can ruin your life.

Our team has come up with a few simple tips to protect yourself from the negative consequences of gambling:

  • As we said before, don’t consider gambling a way of earning. It is simply not designed for that;
  • A responsible player always knows what sum of money he is ready to lose. He plays only with this limited amount of money;
  • Limits. Limits are also good as a means of self-control. It will be great if you set a monthly time and money limit for gambling;
  • Don’t try to recoup. Wins and losses are a part of the game;
  • Playing in a bad mood or drunk can lead to bad game decisions and therefore money losses. Don’t do this;
  • Gambling should be one of your leisure activities, not the only.

These points are mostly enough for playing responsibly.

Some tips on how to be a responsible player at JeetWin BD

Potential red flags of gambling addiction

There are some signs that can indicate having problems with gambling. If you notice some of these signs in yourself or your relatives, seek help.

Potential signs:

  • A person’s thoughts are only about gambling. When you meet them they talk only about it;
  • A person begins to spend more money and time on the game. This negatively affects his personal or working life;
  • A person has an uncontrollable desire to make bet and can’t stop these thoughts;
  • A person is in a good mood only when gambling. No gambling makes a person depressed;
  • A person treats it as a way of making money, a way of covering debts. He wants to recoup after every loss;
  • He begins to borrow money from you on bets or sell things to continue gamble;
  • He got in financial troubles such as unpaid debts and bills;
  • He gambles for the last money he has;
  • When you try to warn him about his problems with it the person gets angry;
  • In order to get the past feeling of excitement he begins to play with bigger sums of money because playing small is not fun anymore;
  • Use gambling as an escape from problems in real life.

This is not an exhaustive list, but still very accurate to detect the first symptoms of addictive behavior.

some signs that indicate to JeetWin players that there is a gambling problem

Obtaining Help

We have prepared a couple of sources that can provide help in fighting addiction. Contact the specialists from the following websites to receive qualified assistance:


They are universally recognized and can help you with problem gambling. Don’t hesitate to contact specialists.

Addiction help for JeetWin players

Protecting minors from Gambling

Our Company doesn’t encourage gambling of minors. We do not provide services to underage persons. To prevent minors from gambling every player on our platform must complete the verification process before starting gamble.

Even in cases where a minor somehow manages to complete the verification process with fake data, we detect such cases. His account will be blocked instantly, winnings canceled and deposits will be refunded.

You as a parent also can contribute to protecting your child from gambling.

Protecting minors from Gambling at JeetWin